What I did during my holiday

I rarely get personal but since I’ve been MIA for three weeks I thought I’d share a little.

First, we went to Paris, France to visit family and celebrate the high school graduation of my beautiful granddaughter. 

The day started out a little overcast and cloudy with a chance of showers. Oh boy, do I wish I’d taken pictures during the ceremony but I was afraid my phone would be ruined. During this outside ceremony, the heavens opened and a torrential storm soaked us all. The tent canopy nearly collapsed before all diplomas were handed out. LOL This was one day no one will forget.

Must visit at least another museum while in Paris. This trip we went to the National Pantheon. Under the dome can be found the oldest paintings, frescoes begun under the First Empire. A crypt containing tombs of honored men and women.

Over the next three weeks, we visited the beach in Sete, France. I wasn’t prepared for a beach where the water could turn a person into a human popsicle. Brrr. Beautiful but too cold for this Texan. However, the best part was five days with my daughter and granddaughter. 

The best part of this trip was getting personal one-on-one time with each of our three granddaughters. We rarely have the time and this was special. 





Next, we headed to Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’d always wanted to visit Scotland, so we decided to take a quick jaunt over there this year. It is a beautiful place. I discovered a little about my roots and a lot about Scotland.

Mrs. MacIntyre's Cafe in Edinburgh Scotland
A namesake cafe!
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle






Birds eye view of Edinburgh, Scotland
Birdseye view of Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo with Owls on Streets of Edinburgh
Photo with Owls on Streets of Edinburgh

There was Harry Potter stuff everywhere. Including live owls.

And of course, no visit to Scotland is complete without tasting a few good whiskeys.






Well, that’s what I did on my vacation. What about you? Big plans for the summer? I’d love to hear, so share.





12 thoughts on “What I did during my holiday

  1. I can’t say I’m a fan of France but that’s my issue, not yours. Still, if I had family there I was missing, I’d certainly go there to see them. Your granddaughters are gorgeous, Jean. I would like to see Scotland. It’s probably grand this time of year.

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    1. Since my daughter and her family moved to Paris, I’ve visited once a year. I think it’s a beautiful city but I do love the conveniences available here in the USA. Guess I’m getting to old to rough-it. LOL
      Yes, you must see Scotland, it’s beautiful. Green hills surround the city. Maybe one day I’ll make it back.

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  2. Great holiday, you must be very proud of your grandaughters. I love Edinburgh. Next on our agenda is visit from family who have been in the USA for a year and discussion of proposed trip of us across the Atlantic next year.

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    1. I am. They are terrific. They were thrown in the deep end when they moved to France and attended a French school. But, in five years they’ve not only concurred the language, now sounding like natives, they’ve blossomed.
      Oh, you must make it to the US, everyone should visit at least once. 🙂

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