Are you up on the latest Kindle technology?

Kindle in Motion!

Kindle in Motion is a totally different format than Kindle A\V or Kindle with Audio\Video. Which makes me wonder if KM will fare better.

With little fanfare, Amazon introduced Kindle in Motion in the middle of 2016. Not sure how I missed this rollout, apparently I was lost in space. LOL

After reading a recent post about the new moving ebooks, I decided to do a little research. If you didn’t know, I love research. Hello, GoogleGoogle search Jean's Writing

As usual, I’ve provided more links at the end of this post for your reading pleasure. 

Size is important and the size of Kindle in Motion books range between 200-600mb. And apparently, there is a lot involved in producing a Kindle in Motion ebook other than formatting.

After watching this I saw dollar signs! Cha-ching, going out not coming in. I don’t know about you guys but this technique will most likely price me out of formatting my books with Kindle in Motion.Losing money, money flying away Bitmoji Jean M CogdellThe artwork, in and of itself, is expensive. But, animated artwork is downright prohibitive for most writers. Unless you’ve enjoyed the success of JK Rowling.

Food for thought. An author might cut costs by animating just the cover and not the entire book, but would the reader be disappointed?

Let's talk Bitmoji Jean M. Cogdell

Do you think these books are distracting or entertaining? 

Do you think Kindle in Motion will increase sales?

Or do you think the cost will be prohibitive for most writers?



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Some Amazon Kindle-in-Motion books 

 / Kindle in Motion – Ebooks Beyond Black & White

Friday Book Cover: Kindle in Motion

What is Kindle in Motion By Piotr Kowalczyk

Kindle in Motion: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Amazon’s New Enhanced Format (Screenshots) Posted on 13 August 2016 by Nate Hoffelder


18 thoughts on “Are you up on the latest Kindle technology?

  1. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter – I can’t imagine me ever doing this with my books – way beyond me and as a reader I just want to read. If I want to see moving pictures I’ll watch television.

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  2. Hi Jean,
    Perhaps I’m old-fashioned (I cant’ believe I’m saying this), but I think this could be distracting. My opinion if it was used for the cover only, it would attract attention just like a good graphical cover can. For children’s books, it is great but unaffordable for most writers. We can hope like most novelty items, they will die their own death, or become popular and the price will be competitive and come down. Thanks for sharing a great thought-provoking post.

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  3. I’d love to have it for my books, but, yes, the cost will prevent it from happening. This is a pity, as I think only the most successful books and/or authors will be able to afford this. Small publishers, too. will be priced out.
    Having said that, I think it’s a fantastic idea. It might encourage our reluctant children (and reluctant adults, too) to read more. Always a good thing.

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