How to transform your writing into beautiful magic

I’m not talking about witches and warlocks. Nor, voodoo, potions, or card tricks.

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I’m talking about rhythm that unlocks magic in a story. 


Makes you want to dance.

Every story has a rhythm. A story can stop and stutter like a car running out of gas. Or purr along like a smooth luxury car, as the rider enjoys the view.  Or take your breath away thrilling you with the speed and power of a race car.

Which type of rhythm describes your story?

How a story flows, transforming words into poetry. Lyrical writing produces a rich, layered, evocative, and beautiful story. Rhythm creates and connects emotion to your reader.

WAIT. Don’t stop reading. NOT talking poetry or song lyrics. I’m talking musical storytelling.

About writing a story that moves the reader on a deep, emotional level. Words with musical magic. To write a story that takes my breath away with images and movement. That’s my goal.

So far here’s what I’ve learned about writing with rhythm:

  • The brain loves music.
  • Readers recognize rhythm in a story.
  • Creates a mood.
  • Pace determines rhythm.
  • Repetition is effective.
  • Avoid purple prose. (too many adjectives)
  • Vary sentence length.
  • Rhythm makes words dance on the page.
  • Use soft and hard sounds.
  • Tension and release, add rhythm to a scene.
  • Write with your ear. Listen for music in the words.
  • To be, is, and was suck the music out of the sentence. Substitute with verbs.
  • Adjectives next to nouns sound better than a preposition.
  • Music can help. So, I’m gonna listen to more music.

One day, I hope to write something worth remembering. Words that transform the reader and leave them wanting more.

What about you? Do you write with rhythm?

Have you ever thought about the rhythm of a story?

Do you have a tip to help me add beautiful, magical rhythm to my words?

Want to read more about rhythm writing? Check out the articles below.


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Poetry: Making Music with Words  by Melissa Donovan 





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