Do you use an editor?

Have you ever used an editor?

I have a great critique partner, whose help is invaluable. However, after reading the story behind Go Set a Watchman, I finally grasp the importance of a good editor.

Selecting an editor that specializes in the correct genre is important too.

I can’t think Editor Margaret Welwood enough for showing me how good a story can be with the right editor.

I found Margaret though a referral from Tom Blubaugh, on Linked In, so a big thanks to Tom for sending me to the right person.

Margaret not only found grammar issues, wrong comma here etc., but she helped be see flaws within the story and fix them. The end result was a polished product I could be proud of.

You’ll hear more about my children’s book, which I hope to have out in 2016.

For more information on editing head over and read a good Q&A with editor John Hudspith. On Why Every Writer Needs An Editor, with Lousie Wise.

Have you used an editor yet?

What was your experience, and how did you find the right one for your project?

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10 thoughts on “Do you use an editor?

  1. I use two critique groups, five beta readers, and then an editor. She saved my bacon by doing her magic in three weeks to meet a publication deadline. Can’t imagine doing my next book without her.

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  2. To find the right editor I sent a chapter out to several editors for a sample edit – and when I narrowed down my choices- I had a phone conversation to make sure they were a good fit. I am now on my 2nd novel & using the same editor – I actually sent her the plot outline before I even started writing the 3nd book – to get some “developmental editing” feedback! Editing is well worth the investment!

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