I’m now alone

This is such a moving piece, I wanted to share it with my readers. Enjoy.

eBayism School of Thought


I have sailed through oceans
That humans walk in search of food
And I have seen of man unbelievable actions
That make even Him sorrow and brood.
Perhaps like court, earth needs recessions.

Those that know refuse to be mute,
Wise bald folks warn with tears and flutes.
Darkness gloats, Nature in meaning is brute;
Our sweet trees bear but bitter fruits;
Against whom, tell me, shall we file a suit?

I ran to a priest and knelt in tears.
Please pray, fast, redeem my peers.
He stood and frowned like he fathomed my fears
But only to request my coins and wears.
Is life just a market? This grinds my gears.

The predator in khaki and helmet you see
Travels across lands and across the sea
To defend a future his country allegedly foresee;
Make holes in them heads, Arabs and Pharisee;
Returns home to gloat, wallow in cruel…

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