Name Your Critique Group

The good, bad and ugly of a critique group.

She did it again, provided a wealth of information for writers. So, I just had to pass on these great tips. Click here to read Anne R. Allen’s blog, posted Sunday, August 3, 2014 where she explains the good, bad and ugly of critique groups. Awarded by Writer’s Digest in 2013 as one of the Best Websites for Writers, she never fails to deliver great insight and timely information.

Sometimes we don’t get to pick what type of group is available in our area. Don’t let that discourage you from becoming involved.

As Ms. Allen writes, if you know how to read between the lines, you can benefit from a critique group.

'Young woman sitting on the floor and typing, ...She describes ten groups, and how to glean the best from each leaving a better writer.

Have you ever been crushed by #5) The Punctuation Police?

Ever sat down with a red face after your story was cut to ribbons by #10) The Vicious Circle?

Or wonder how on earth you’d fit in with #4) The Poetry Slam?

Ms. Allen’s post is filled with tips on what to ignore, how to read between the lines and best of all how to come away a better writer.

Read and find out where does your group fall.

I hope y’all enjoy reading her post as much as I did.

Happy writing.

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