Want to know how to market that kick-ass book?

Today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge M.

M = Marketing

I had a hard time deciding which word to choose. Writing is filled with lots of M words. Midpoint, a big problem for me and lots of writers. Muse, real or mythical? Major and minor characters. Well, you get the point.

Me too! That’s why I choose the word marketing.

Because I’m terrible at selling. And maybe I’m not the only one who wants to know how to succeed at marketing my books.

We struggle to write a story, novel or in my case a children’s book and then what? Whether the author goes the traditional or self-publish route, marketing is a big issue.

Here’s what I’ve learned this past year about marketing.

  • Writing a kick ass story does not make the world beat a path to your Amazon page.
  • Writers need to promote their own books.
  • Write a good logline and elevator pitch. Be ready to spill it at every opportunity.
  • Develop an online platform.
  • Make your book easy to find and easy to buy.
  • Keep links current.
  • Write articles that tie your book to current popular interests.
  • Stay involved in Social Media. I know it’s time-consuming but a must.
  • Create a press release and submit locally and online.
  • Submit your book for pre-release reviews.
  • Have a launch party.
  • Talk to any and everyone about your book.

Did I do all of this? No. Like I said I’m not very good at this marketing stuff. But I’m trying to get better.

What tips and tricks did you use to market your book?

Did they work?

Are you good at marketing your own work? Or are you like me and struggle tooting your own horn?

Talk to me, the lights on and comments are now open.

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17 thoughts on “Want to know how to market that kick-ass book?

  1. I already have such a hard time promoting my services (Herman lessons) and my blog. But now I mention my teaching a lot more (especially on my blog) and I try to give my card to people when I meet them so that they can find my blog and my German lessons.
    It will be tough once I write my book… But maybe it’s easier when we have a great community to help us out?

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  2. Oh, M is for Oh MYYYY. I love to write. Marketing and promoting my books? So difficult. But I agree with everything you list here. My best (most fun?) marketing tool for my two books has been creating my own book marks. They’re bright and fun (I selected the colors and the text) and feature the covers of my books. With website and blogsite listing included.

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