How to say I’m sorry

My apologies, I regret, please forgive me, I’m sorry….

Well, you get the gist, but I’m totally sincere.

I’m sorry for limiting my request to those of you who have small children in your household.

As one of my readers pointed out that I was a bit shortsighted with my previous request for Beta Readers. And she was so right. Just because a person may not have small children in or around the house doesn’t mean they cannot recognize the good/bad/ugly/silly/mistakes in a children’s book.

Now with hat in hand, I’m asking for ANYONE who is willing, to be a Beta Reader for my small book.

If you can help this writer out, please email me at and I’ll forward you an e-copy or a pdf copy.

If you missed yesterday’s post, here is a bit about my project.

About my book:

The story is about a little boy named Ben, who doesn’t believe he is any good at sports. Growing up in the shadow of an older sibling, who is a star athlete, can be difficult.

At the insistence of his parents, Ben discovers he can do anything if he tries and in the process make new friends.

This book is for young readers, between the age 7-9 yrs old and Grades 2-3, who are bridging the gap between early readers and chapter books.


Although Harry tried, I’m not sure he’s up to the task. I tried, one bark for good, two barks for bad and a growl for mistakes. He just played dumb. Like he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Harry in glasses

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